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Emmanuelle Astier,
Preceptrice and Director 

Faire de votre vision une réalité

Emma arrived at St. Bartholomew in August 2014 and worked for eight months with several private families. In 2015, she decided she wanted to work on the island in a different way, and collect all his experience to propose another alternative. She realized her dream. After finding a local, she created a private school service which is the only of its kind in Saint Barthélemy, with the desire to offer a personalized, ambitious and caring for each learner.Others homeschooling already existed, but none really specialized for coaching. Emma wanted to use her public and private expertise in teaching, and help to learn to learn. After offering an homeschooling service, POURQUOI ? PARCE QUE ! MINISCHOOL was launched in 2015.

MINISCHOOL offers a variety of learning options in a single school, helping students with organization, learning and personal development, and management of their duties. This school service for people who wish to learn otherwise ensure that you can spend an unforgettable tuition with your family in St. Barts.

CAPES de lettres, 11 années d’expériences en collège et lycée ,
Préceptrice privée, et directrice de la Minischool depuis 2015 et des cours Pourquoi Parce que depuis le 16 octobre 2021 

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